Alexander Wang x H&M available from November 6th.

               You know me. I'm all minimal in black and grey, always keeping it clean with some sort of
               edge. And by edge I mean some unique cuts or sheer having sporty chic in my mind. So you
               could easily understand my excitement when Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration were
               on the news a few months ago. My desire got even bigger when I saw all the pieces coming
               out on runway a week ago in NY.

               But I have to admit that I don't like the 100% of the clothes, at least not for wearing them 
               outside the house. On the one hand, we have these 5 pieces that, in my opinion, are more
               than exceptional and carefully designed and I would kill to have them in my life. I now even
               imagine myself wearing these in a million different ways and combos while, on the other
               hand, we have still that grey leggings with all the logos which I would rather wearing it at
               home than going to the uni. But hey.. Should I wear Alexander Wang to sleep?

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Random photos from the second half of my London trip. 
(Also a recap of what I was wearing during these 6 days)

          Back in London, days were so busy and full. We were having breakfast very early in the mor-
          ning and then dressing up to discover the London city. After wandering around for 3 to 4
          hours to see all the sightseeings from British Museum to Natural History Museum to Big Ben,
          we then visited the Oxford street to get our little something something to spoil ourselves and
          our beloved ones with souvenirs and clothes (dah!).

          British Museum.
          We visited the colossal museum to see all the different cultures. From the Asian to African to
          South American, their art was brilliant and genius. Big and small pieces with so many details
          made by gold, marble, rock or wood were so beautiful made and surprised me in a shock-y
          way. But the most moving moment was when I entered the Greek room (or should I better say
          roomS?). Taking the most of BM's building, you can easily understand that Greeks marbles
          are museum's most important collection.
          I felt a little bit angry for their not being back Home after so many efforts by Greek goverment
          Greek people and many others, wondering if in the end, we're going to take them where they
          belong. Their majesty, after so many thousands of years are still able for us to see.

          But enough with the bla-bla. Just visit London. That's all I can recommend.