chop chop

converse sneakers, rayban sunglasses, zara the rest

           I remember myself never wanting to visit the hairdresser's house and actually I crying a couple
           of times. But as soon as I got older I chop them more and more and I really like it. What do 
           you think?



             There is nothing more relaxing than candles and hot chocolates. Now that weather is getting
             colder I just can't wait to return home, light my favorite candles and study  watching my
             favorite series. 

             Find yours at H&M home at very good prices. 


office deco

random photos taken from Elle Deco and pinterest.

        Either you want to create something new or you just want to casualy seat at your office desk,
        either ways your desk should make you feel comfortable and make your life easier. 

        So, after you find the best style that matches your personality then you need to keep every 
        thing in place. For example, buy a fancy pen-holder, have some post-it to write down things
        you need to remember, make a to-do list and have a planner for the whole month to get every- 
        thing done. Oh! And don't forget to buy some flowers. ;)