the 3 Studio tops to buy

            You own a black, a white and a gray T-shirt that match everything from day to night, for
            lunch to dinner to fashion week. But then.. why always playing safe? So here's your three
            choices. These tops come from the H&M Studio fw2014 collection. Stripes and different
            patterns and basic colours, wearable from day to night (even the first one with the right 
            dark denim jeans) will update your look in a second of time. Go try 'em.




zara top/skirt, h&m bag, rayban sunglasses

         It's been a while since the last time I wore a skirt. I know that I wear pants a lot, propably 99 
         times out of 100 but there are some days that I choose to be more feminine. Oh yes, I do! 

         So here is my recipe: a black leather skirt (jersey works as well)
                                            a T-shirt in any colour you want (gray, white, blue, green or black for me)
                                            an "it" bag (like this above from h&m)
                                            a pair of sneakers or heels (depends on how you want to look like)

        And this is it. The easiest recipe of all from yours truly! ;)



    my burburry new campaign.

       Campaigns are the final figure of every designers new collection. All the different fashion houses plan
       campaigns which will attract old and new customers. They choose the most interesting and most well
       known people in the fashion industry, models, celebrities (from other artistic fields) and photographers, 
       all work together to achieve what the designer have imagined. In addition, campaign is the one that
       will represent designer's work in the most creative way. 

       There are some that achieve their goal while others are far away from it. This season the IT campaign
       comes from Burburry for their new fragrance, My Burburry. Starring Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne,
       this campaign will be different, interesting and we'll be talking for this for many many months or even  
       years I guess.. Just take a glimpse and you'll understand why.