zara top, coat and bag // stradivarius trousers // adidas shoes

When this whole Stan Smith madness kicked off some seasons back I swore to myself that I won't buy them. Not because I didn't like them, but because every human being on earth owned them at this time and I preferred to buy the supergas instead to make a difference if that makes sence. However, there was a true reason that this pair of sneakers were famous. They were not only good looking but also comfortable! So here I am wearing and rocking them?? You tell me..

The supergas on the other hand not so much! There I said it!! But I still love them and wear them ;)

Xx  Maria



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  1. Exact same feeling about ADIDAS SUPERSTARS... They are e-ve-ry-where !
    Use to be the biggest fan when I was a teen but not so much anymore : as you said I can see them on every human being on earth so not very appealing to me lol
    Still choose my kicks whether they are comfy or not (still is essential !) but not over uniqueness !
    Have a good day ! xx

    1. haha I know! but I found a way to where them a bit differently from the others: I wear them with glitter socks which here in Greece it's still not a thing, so that makes them a little biiiit special!! Xx

    2. Yay very good option :) Over here in France they all have them customized @ the back w/ the STAN SMITH label in glitter to make them stand out from the others ! Still ain't my thing but you have to find alternatives to uniformity LOL xx