Kenzo x H&M mania.
Yesterday H&M kindly invited us once again to their pre launch party for the Kenzo x H&M collection, which will be available in stores from tomorrow November the 3th, and I thought why not share with you my experience. I will not speak for the party itself, because the Greek H&M ladies always organise the best events and I have already told you that like one million times already. But I will talk about the collection, just to give you an idea of what to expect and maybe help you deside for the pieces, if you haven't already??

So, as you have propably already seen, the pieces are typical Kenzo designs from their previous collections, such as the iconic tiger or the animal printed looks but with an extra touch to make them unique and new. At the very first glimpse they seem too much, however if you take each piece itself they are beautiful pieces that will automatically transform your daily outfit into a glamorous one. The Kenzo x H&M woman is definatelly not afraid to try something new and stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless if you are still a little bit hesitate to try the pink animal printed boots or the red dress, there are still a TON of basic pieces to buy such as the white T shirt with the tiger or the black blouse with the iconic Kenzo logo. (don't worry, I also took the safest road and went for the black T shirt with the tiger )

Must pieces: the white/black Tshirt (obviously), the animal printed clutches and the socks (imagine them with a total black look, they will immediatelly stand out, won't they?) 

Xx Maria


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