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So it's been awhile since the last time I posted something on this blog, 8 months to be presice. Well, a lot have happen't since then and this is not the right time and place to discuss them :p Let's just say that I needed some time to refocus on people and things I love more! BUT now it feels right to get back at it. 
The new SF will be now more like a personal diary, where I will share my thoughts, sometimes my outfits and my travels (which will be many of them in the near future and you really need to stick around to see, he he). Also, in case you did not notice, we made a facelift (again) just to make it easier for you to search through the posts and read the ones you are really interested in. 
So what's new?? 
Well, as a bachelor graduate in finance myself, I am more than happy to share my experience, courses and projects I had with you and answer some questions you may have. Moreover, I will share the road to the upcoming Masters degree in the Netherlands in HR and the struggles to get officially ready for it!

I hope I managed to get you an idea of what you should expect and please comment below to tell me your thoughts on it and maybe some other topics you would love to read :)

Xx Maria


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