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2016 in photos.

Every year it is a tradition for me and the blog to share with you some highlights of the past year in photos. 2016 was a GOOD year for me, a year full of smiles, achievements and a couple of teardrops! Mixed emotions that made me see the World a little bit differently and more passionate to always try to achieve what I want.

Looking back to the goals I wanted to achieve this year I can only smile while checking them ALL off from the list! I manage to complete my studies in Finance (graduation will follow in the middle of February, so stay tuned for the photos and an emotional post :P ) and I found a proper job in a big International company as a digital officer! Big plus on the latter is that I have the opportunity to work with my friend Alexia from Lexie's choices and be a part in a great group of kind people.
Also, I took part in three 5K runs, one 10K run and one 11,30K bike race managing to complete all of them. And lastly, I made people around me happy and brought some joy in myself and the World. At least this is what I feel! Spending time with the family, friends, my dog and the bf, doing things that we love together, being kinder to strangers around me and always trying to do the best for the society brought more delight than what I thought!

The only thing that I couldn't do this year is travelling BUT I know that 2017 will be full of it so it's all good!Just stay around to see ;)

I wish to all of you and your beloved ones to be happy, healthy and KIND to each other! Enjoy your NYE and see you tomorrow for 2017's goal list.

Maria xX



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