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So a week ago my wallet got stollen under my eyes actually! Not only it was my favorite one and kind of expencive but also had all my cards inside PLUS my licence driver and  my ID. The story goes like this.. I was having a coffee with my sister at Starbucks and I was focused on my laptop, having my bag right and next to me. Then, a well dressed man came and sat next to me on the left and after 2 minutes he left! With my wallet! So simple. Of course I did not realise anything and only found it out after one hour. Until now I have no further news from the police. I am just going from one police department to banks to my university to get the new cards and I desided to leave it behind. I realised that there are many more serious problems in this world. From poverty to wars to losing your favorite people, all these are so much more important! 

Thank God I am healthy. The rest are just unserious problems!

Xx  Maria


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  1. Leuke blog heb je! Ben benieuwd wat je van mijn laatste post vindt, lijkt qua sfeer een beetje op deze van jou! Liefs XO

    1. thanks so much! just visited your blog and I really like it :) I'm going to see through your older posts a little bit more Xx