primark tee // zara leather pants // zara bag // zara scarf // converse sneakers

             In life always has to be something to look at, a goal, in order to know where to fly to.
             It will be easier that way, to know exactly what you want to achieve! But do not forget
             to divide your end destination into smaller ones.. In this case, every time you reach a
             specific milestone you will feel more like a big winner and your confidence will be
             stronger than ever..

             This is what I always have in my mind and this is what made me fly to the moon the
             past Sunday.. To be more specific.. I always wanted to run the authentic marathon and
             the original path, the 42,1 km in Athens.. But..to be able to win this huuuuge milestone
             I firstly had to run the smaller root, the 5K one, which I did!! And I am realy proud of
             myself.. Off to the next one now.. 10K!!

             Xx  Maria


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  1. love those leather pants! Zara's leather quality is so impressive, isn't it? great post love.


    1. yes!! they have improved their quality a lot the past two years.. xx