zara pants // zara bag // stradivarius gilet // converse shoes

         When I was younger I used to feel extremely happy and always looking forward to the
         weekend, because it was the best two days of the week when I had to do nothing more
         than playing tennis, visiting my friends and relaxing. But as the years go by and I'm
         moving towards my middle 20s-ok I have 3 years for that but still-I realise that maybe
         the weekends are not so innocent anymore. I mean.. How innocent can it be if you
         have to visit the super market, do the households, study, meet your long lost friends
         plus have lunches with family. And on top of that, prepare yourshelf for the upcoming
         master.. Much drama, ha?

         Luckily, I seam to have found the perfect Saturday uniform to run all these errands ;)

         Xx  Maria


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