I always love doing sports-especially tennis-and running. Those of you who shares the same passion can def. relate. After
          my work out routine-which begins very early in the morning, prop. at 8 am-I feel more energetic and ready to face
          the new day! Trust me, you should try it too! It's not only good for your body but for your mind as well!!

          So, here's my work-out routine:
          1. Three days per week some fast pace walking or running.
          2. One day per week-three days total-I focus on a specific part of my body. e.g. On Monday it's legs day, on Wednesday -->
              arms day and on Friday --> abs day!
          3. I try to walk as more as I can for shorter or longer distances.

          1. If you want to enter the running-club, you should try first shorter distances-e.g. 1,5 km-and with a lower pace for 2 weeks.
             Then, you can add half a km per 2 weeks and slowly start to run faster. In this way, it'll be easier for your body to get used
              to this kind of exercise!
          2. Don't forget to stretch and rest one day per week! You AND your body will need a pause from time to time.
          3. Don't forget to warm up before every work-out to avoid an injury!

          GOOD LUCK! ;)

          unrelated p.s.
          Today H&M announced her newest designer collaboration with BALMAIN. How cool is that? From 5.11.15 the collection
          will be available in 250 stores worldwide! Thoughts?



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