It's been two weeks now since I came back from my tour d' Europe and I still have like a ton of photos to show you. First
         stop --> Barcelona, where unexpectedly I fall in love with the city and especially its architecture. Beautiful buildings, great
         infrustructure and streets.

         Places we visited: la Sagrada Familia, where I was in shock starring at this place.
                                       Parc Guell: nice place but too overcrowded
                                       Barceloneta: great place for picnic ;)
                                       Cathedral of Barcelona: and all the streets around were just magical

         Food: we tried the main famous Spanish dishes like paella and tapas, which were absolutely delicious and also
                   lots of Mexican food.. Yumi!! Still craving for the nachos!! :p Oh and MOJITOS!!!! We had like a 100 of them.
                   When visit Barcelona make sure you try their famous Mojitos, I mean guys I didn't even like them before :p

         So, if you haven't visited Barcelona so far you should really do and feel free to ask me for any tips ;)




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  1. These pictures are lovely! Love Barcelona!


    1. Yes! it's a beautiful city!! :) xx

  2. Nice outfit and photos :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr
    Maria V.