First time I visited Amsterdam and I immediately fall in love with the city from the very first second I stepped my foot on it!
        It was short but sweet trip and I, now, finally know that I really want to move in there as long as I finish my studies! :D Oh yeees!

        Places we visited: the Dam square: really crowded but a must.
                                      the Van Gogh Museum: if you really love art and you're able to wait 30+ minutes to enter the museum
                                      I AMSTERDAM sign: wake up early to avoid the crowd
        Felt really sad not visiting: Anna Frank's House
                                               Heineken's Museum

        We ate: Vietnamese, Crepes, Waffles, Pumkin soup and Burger King (:p)

        Things I loved most: Amsterdam's interesting history and architecture
                                       Bicycles <3



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