zara dress // zara jacket // H&M shirt // Primark bag

         Smile is my best weapon and my favorite thing-and best accessory I may say. I know that you can not tell that from the photos
         but please consider that it was 2'C plus I was super tired. Lately, it's all about exams and my day begins at 6:30 to end at 02:00!
         So, I've got a pretty excuse, ha? Anyway, this hectic period will end soon so I'm going to rest-or die-as much as I can I promise!
         In other news, today is Valentine's day, the most unnecessary day of all in my opinion. I believe that we should express our love
         every day to the people we love and not only once a year and not only to our better halfs. You should share your love, kindness
         and smile with every person out there! Trust me, there is nothing more satisfactory in life than people telling you that they love
         your smile and feeling more secure when seeing you that way. So far, best words I have ever heard.




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