Diamonds shoes are girl's best friends but you know that already. They complete your outfit, give you that
         extra touch and they treat your feet so nicely (if you have picked the right ones!). So today I narrowed down
         to 7 basic categories all those shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe. I'm sure that you have them
         already but a double check is just ok! These shoes are definatelly made for walking plus they are stylish
         and make your every day life so much easier. Just a little notice before I begin with my list: I have chosen
         only flat shoes because there are my favorites and what you'll be wearing from day to night with no pain but
         so much (style) gain.

         Let me begin:
         1. converses. They are a unique category on its owns and they are classier that the LBD I think.
             White or black will do!
         2. white sneakers. Another category that especially after the re-launch of Stan Smiths tenis
             shoes have gained so much attention. They can be matched with literally everything in your
             wardrobe. Another option are the supergas that I am personally going for!
         3. sneakers. In which planet do you live if you're not owning at least one pair of sneakers? I
             mean, yes, they are back on track after Chanel's 2-season-back show but haven't you been
             working out all these years? Not at all? // I prefer Nike but New Balance will do too!
         4. boots. You, you that you live on this planet that I mentioned before, propably haven't heard
             of boots too. They're clasic but for those who want to make a statement and love Balenciaga
             there are these cut-outs-the perfect shoe that a man have ever designed!
         5. chelsea boots. You can find them in every color and fabric you want and a little fact here:
             Men in Britain wear them all the time and look so polished!!
         6. slip ons. I'll tell you a little story here: in the near past someone left his house with his slip
             ons on and after all these people laughing at him and to escape the embarashement he told
             them that this was actually a big coming-up next trend. The rest is written in fashion history
             and me likey those Miu Miu more than anything else.
         7. birkenstocks. Who would believed a few years back that these shoes would be a big fashion
             trend and be worn from every kind of humanity in our galaxy? First I said "serouslly?" but
             then I was trying to hunt those Zaras for like a million months. No kidding guys! I'm still
         8. espadrilles. Chanel again! Few seasons back made its come back and still refusing to leave
             this world! Although I would never say no to a pair of Chanels, I prefer the TOMS especially
             the one-to-ones. Come on! It's for good cause!



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  1. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!;-)

    1. Thanks!! Just visited your blog and I really like it! ;)