I'm not that kind of jeans person but I do own these 7 basics in my wardrobe, even if I wear them once in every month
     or two! I mean, they are life style saviors, they always get you out of tough situations plus they are really really comfy,
     but I prefer my pants better. Anyway!! You got all those jeans?  Then you're style ready!

      1. the basic jeans in the most basic shade.
      2. the black ripped jeans-with a white plain tshirt and you're cool ready!
      3. the just-a-hint ripped jeans. Should I say why?
      4. the boyfriend jeans to look cool in school.
      5. the really really distressed ripped jeans.
      6. the grey skinny jeans just because it goes with every thing and it's so stylish!
      7. the dark-shade jeans. Come'n LV, we already had a pair of those before your latest catwalk!!



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