it's always calm before the storm

H&M shoes, zara the rest, rayban sunglasses

         After so many days of extremely low temperatures here in Greece the sun is finally out and it's getting a little
         warmer here. But for how long?  I mean we're still in the middle of winter plus a little bird just told me that
         it'll be worse next week so be prepared and don't get fooled by the sun!

         In other news, I just got better after a terrible illness and I'm ready to get back to my work out routine. See.. 
         Two weeks before my exam period work out is (almost) the only thing to escape my boring reality. Luckily, 
         I've got also my friends to spend a cozy night in with movies and games!!



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  1. τελεια τα παπουτσια και το παντελονι!