New Year, new chapter, new challenges, new me? Every year it feels like I'm wishing for the same stuff and
    yet I don't manage to cross out all the things on my list. Of course, I visited the UK, which was a dream and
    booked my tickets to three new destinations that I can not reveal yet (little hint: just Europe). Also, I started
    working out again but still not as I though I would do.

    So, this year I desided to stick to the list, try new things, not let anyone hurt me or make me sad, laugh more,
    be more happy, travel the world, visit new places that I've been dreaming, meet new people, visit my family and
    beloved ones more often, not get bored for more than a day, graduate, visit the city of my dreams! And the list
    goes one. Little things that will make my life better and bigger ones that will make me happier and wiser? We'll see!

    This year, we say yes to everything and leave behind all the bad things ;)



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