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            Every time the weekend is getting closer I always try to re-think what my past week was like. Was I happy? What
            made me feel sad? Did I complete my week-schedule? Was my blog content what I wanted to be like? and THAT'S
            A TOUGH ONE!

            When I started blogging I was thinking, first, ok how hard can it be (?) then proved really. I was following blogs
            about two years before creating my own. From the designing to shooting my looks to get in contact with the
            brands I was failing like every day. I learned from my mistakes, got inspired by others, supported a LOT
            from my friends and got a much needed help from my sister!! And then time went by and my blog finally got
            attention! I can still remeber when I got my first email from a reader, so sweet! There were new readers each
            day, new lovely comments and new likes, reposts and follows. Then the brands followed!! H&M, Apivita,
            Pandora and many mores for whom I feel so thankful because I got the chance to meet so many passionate
            for their job and their life people.

            I know that concidering other bloggers' out there work, it seams like I haven't accomplish enough but I feel
            still so proud! Proud of what I have achieved and proud because I'm doing something that I really enjoy! I'm not
            doing these for the freebies, believe me I had and still getting many of those that I just don't like and don't
            feel like sharing with you because in my opinion don't deserve a try. I'm doing this because I REALLY LOVE
            IT! Because I feel so incredibly happy every time I receive an email from a reader or a company compli-
            menting my work on the blog and every time I show you something that you then tell me that you've never
            thought before, even if it's from a random reader once a month! I will still be who I am and always try to
            push my self keeping it up for those 10 or 100 or 1000 readers.



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