total blue

zara jeans/knit, vans sneakers

                      Once in a while I am thinking of adding some color to my every day look and 
                      pushing myself to try new, like more fun, combinations but I end up dressing
                      in my all time favorite and safer of all, the total black (or grey) look, that is.
                      However, my plan seams to falling apart like from day 1. Ok, I know that the 
                      Scandinavian style fits me more and it's what I like, crave and want, you know 
                      all the minimal, sporty chic with some sort of edge in the basic colot palette, but 
                      as a meditteranean girl I should be wearing color more, shouldn't I?

                      So that's what I tried to do the other day, back in London. I know I KNOW, that 
                      you cann't tell that from the photos above but hey.. First of all, I changed the 
                      color from the total black to total blue, which IS something, don't you think?
                      Plus I mixed two different colors, blue with yellow, which, as I can recall, I have
                      not done such thing since my early years as a teenager. 


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