H&M knit, stradivarius shoes, zara jacket/jeans, primark bag

               Lately I am thinking more and more of going away, run-away. Hey, don't dare to laugh, I'm
               not kidding guys. My daily programme is so tight and it's getting even worse. Uni takes half
               of the day and I have only a couple of hours left to do other things, such as blogging or walk
               ing around city or working out. Oh Lord. How much I love working out or being lost in my 
               own city. It makes me more fresh and inspired discovering the old places all over again.
               A cozy knit and comfy shoes are only what you need and then off the house.

               In other news, I just booked flight tickets to a new destination for me and pretty soon I will
               be a wanderer in a different city. I just can't wait. More infos soon ;)




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