the layer game

zara jeans/leather jacket, primark bag/tshirt/jacket, vans shoes

               Already 4 days in the UK and I'm having the time of my life here. I mean,who wouldn't love
               to live in such a beautiful and historical place full of amazing places, kind people and great
               shopping stores? I'm having serious thoughts to cancel for a week my flight back. no? :/

               The thing that surprised me most was the weather. Being a Greek girl, I left Athens at 26'C
               and arrived here at 10'C. In the very first hours I was shaking all over my body but then I
               found some tricks and got used to the cold. My everyday uniform is just a T-shirt, a leather
               jacket and above that a cardigan. I decided to go the other way round to make it more 
               unusual and more stylish. Go try it!

               p.s.      Yes there is a cute Karl Lagerfeld on my T-shirt and I love it.
               p.s. 2.   You can follow me via Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE for more updates.

               photos by  Stefania Z Photography



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  1. This is a fabulous site. Nice dress though! Wearing such dresses with a bra tape is even better as it simply lifts the breast which is a key factor with strapless dresses. Have you ever used that before?

    1. No as I can recall. Maybe in the future ;)