suit me

pull and bear blazer/jeans, isabel marant pour H&M scarf, vans sneakers

          This past  weekend is the one after such a long time that I had some free time for myself and
          family and found myself relaxing under blankets and stuff. Oh Lord. It is only a couple of days
          ago that my exam period ended and tomorrow, the last university year, begins. Of course, it'll
          be the most busiest one but.. who cares?   MEEeee :(

          Anyway, in a week I am flying to Loooondoon and I couldn't be happier. Don't forget to follow
          me on  Instagram HERE and on Facebook HERE for more updates.

          And as for my look of the day there is no surprise at all. My usual uniform because winter and
          black are back. Simple, parisian chic and a touch of color, yellow that is, because hey it's only



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